Publications indexées

1616Performance analysis of a novel OWDM-IDMA approach for wireless communication system2012Journal of Communications Software and Systems, JCOMSSAwatif Rouijel, Benayad Nsiri, and Driss Aboutajdine
1620Modelisation and simulation of piloting’s systems for a training organization2013International Journal of Research In Education MethodologyMehdi Abid, Aziz Atmani, Benayad NSIRI, Bahloul Bensassi,
1622New Approach to multispectral image fusion based on a weighted merge2013International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering And Technology IJECET-IAEMEBenayad NSIRI, Salma NAGID, Najlae IDRISSI
1624Block Matching Algorithms Based on Extended Mahalanobis Distance and Kullback-leiber Divergence for Motion Estimation2013Journal of Applied SciencesBenayad Nsiri, Abdenasseur Boudlal, Driss Aboutajdine,
1627An edge detection model based on virtual magnetic field : application to digital color images2013American Journal of Applied SciencesBenayad Nsiri, Brahim Bouda
1632Resources Optimization Handling Operations in Ports Multipurpose Terminal2014WSEAS Transactions on SystemsHasnaa Elmandili, Benayad Nsiri, and Brahim Aghezzaf
2352An ontology based approach to traffic management in urban areas2015International journal of systems applications, engineering & developmentHamza TOULNI, Benayad Nsiri, Mohammed BOULMALF, Sadiki Tayeb,
2505Identification of a production system using harmmestein-wiener and Narx models2015Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information TechnologyH. FOURAIJI, B. BENSASSI
2629System Identification of Inventory System Using ARX and ARMAX Models2015Science & Engineering Research Support society: International journal of control and automation (IJCSofia Rachad, Benayad Nsiri, Bahloul Bensassi
6377Contextual Modelling of Collaboration System Purchasing process application2012International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA)W.DACHRY, B. AGHEZZAF, B. BENSASSI, A. SAYOUTI
8271Integration of INS and GPS System Using Particle Filter Based on Particle Swarm Optimization2015International journal of circuits, systems and signal processingMeriem Jgouta, Benayad NSIRI
8279Interoperability between different port information systems2014International Journal Of Mathematics And Computers In Simulation ISSN :1998-0159Mehdi ABID, Benayad NSIRI,Yassine SERHANE
15317Modelling and Simulation of Skills Acquisition and Performance of Education System2016International Journal of Advanced Information Science and TechnologyMessaoudi Najat, Naciri Khalid, Bahloul Bensassi
16211Underwater Image Processing Method for Fish Localization and Detection in Submarine Environment2016Journal of Visual Communication and Image RepresentationBoudhane Mohcine, Nsiri Benayad
16213A new type of negative customers2016International Journal of Computing Science and MathematicsElmandili Hasnaa, Nsiri Benayad
16214Cluster-based routing protocol using traffic information2016International Journal of High Performance Computing and NetworkingToulni Hamza, Nsiri Benayad
16222Extraction of Three Dimensional Structure from Optical Image Sequences2016International journal of circuits, systems and signal processingMohcine Boudhane, Hamza Toulni, Benayad NSIRI
16228A Memetic Algorithm for the Capacitated Location-Routing Problem2016International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications Laila KECHMANE, Benayad NSIRI, Azeddine BAALAL
16231An adaptive key exchange procedure for VANET2016International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications Hamza Toulni, Mohcine Boudhane, Benayad Nsiri, Mounia Miyara
16236Usage of a Correction Model to Enhance the Evaluation of the Zenith Tropospheric Delay2016International Journal of Applied Engineering Research Meriem Jgouta, Benayad NSIRI, Rachid Marrakh
16539A robust estimation approach for uncertain systems with perturbed measurements2016International journal of robust and nonlinear controlMohamed Bolajraf, Mustapha Ait Rami
16540Optical Fish Classification Using Statistics of Parts2016International Journal of Mathematics and Computers in Simulation Mohcine Boudhane, Benayad NSIRI, Hamza Toulni,
16542Tracking Items Through RFID and Solving Heterogeneity Problems During a Collaboration Between Port Companies2016International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and ApplicationsMehdi ABID, Benayad Nsiri, Yassine SERHANE, Haitam AGHARI
16544Traffic situation modeling of an intersection with construction2016Information(Japan) JournalHasnaa Elmandili, Benayad Nsiri
20571Stability and Stabilization of General 2D Delayed Systems: an LP Approach2017WSEAS TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS AND CONTROLMohamed Bolajraf
20572A hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm for the capacitated location routing problem2017International Journal of Intelligent Computing and CyberneticsLaila KECHMANE, Benayad NSIRI, Azeddine BAALAL
20573Inventory Management in Closed Loop Structure Using KPIs2017International Journal of Applied Engineering Research Sofia Rachad, Zineb El Idrissi Larabi, Benayad Nsiri, Bahloul Bensassi
20574Modeling and performance evaluation of the skills production systems: Using the ECOGRAI method2017WSEAS TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS AND CONTROLAbderrahmane Rhouzali, Benayad Nsiri, Mohamed Abid
23142Active queue management based feedback control for TCP with successive delays in single and multiple bottleneck topology2017Computer CommunicationsSadek Belamfedel Alaoui , El Houssaine Tissir , Noreddine Chaibi
28182Underwater Optical Fish Classification System by means of Robust Feature Decomposition and Analysis using Multiple Neural Networks2018International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and ApplicationsMohcine Boudhane , Taoufiq Belhoussine Drissi, Benayad Nsiri
28689LP Conditions for Stability and Stabilization of Positive 2D Discrete State-delayed Roesser Models2018International Journal of Control Automation and Systems Mohamed Bolajraf
28690Simulating effect of parameter variation on the performance of an educational system2018international Journal of Simulation and Process ModellingNajat Messaoudi, Jaafar Khalid Naciri, Bahloul Bensassi
28695Optimization Of A Two-Echelon Location Lot-Sizing Routing Problem With Deterministic Demand2018Mathematical Problems In Engineering Laila Kechmane, Benayad Nsiri, Azeddine Baalal
28700MODELING OF STOCK MANAGEMENT BY PARAMETRIC MODELS ARX, ARMAX, BJ AND OE2018Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information TechnologyHicham Fouraiji, Benayad Nsiri, Bahloul Bensassi

Publications avec comité de lecture

1646Vers un système de reconnaissance automatique de la parole amazighe basé sur les transformations orthogonales paramétrables2014AsinagA. Abenaou, F. Ataa Allah, B. Nsiri
7328Collaborative Information System for Managing the Supply Chain: Architecture Based on a Multi Agent System2013International Journal of Research in Industrial EngineeringDachry, W; Aghezzaf, B; Bensassi, B
16613New Approach to multispectral image fusion based on a weighted merge2013International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering And Technology Benayad NSIRI, Salma NAGID, Najlae IDRISSI
16614Modelisation and simulation of piloting’s systems for a training organization2013International journal of research in education methodologyMehdi Abid, Aziz Atmani, Benayad NSIRI, Bahloul Bensassi
19038ORGANIZATION OF TOURIST CHAIN2013international journal of business tourism and applied sciences (ISSN 2286-9700)Badia Tahiri, Abdellatif Benabdelhafid, and Benayad Nsiri

Communications internationales

2353A Hybrid Routing Protocol for VANET Using OntologyHamza Toulni, Benayad NsiriThe International Conference on Advanced Wireless, Information, and Communication Technologies (AWICT 2015)SousseTunisia2015-10-05
2354Urban Traffic Management Approach Based on Ontology and VANETsHamza TOULNI, Benayad Nsiri, Mohammed BOULMALF, Sadiki Tayeb,International Conference on Circuits, Systems, Signal Processing, Communications and ComputersVienna Austria2015-03-15
2355An approach to avoid traffic congestion using VANETHamza TOULNI, Benayad Nsiri, Mohammed BOULMALF, Mohammed Bakhouya, Sadiki Tayeb,The Fifth International Conference on Next Generation Networks and Services (NGNS)casablancamorocco2014-05-28
2368“Statistical estimation of GNSS pseudo- range errors”Meriem JGOUTA and Benayad NSIRI,International Conference on advanced wireless information and communication technologiesSousseTunisia2015-10-05
2491Object Detection and Segmentation Using Adaptive MeanShift Blob Tracking Algorithm and Graph Cuts TheoryMohcine Boudhane, Benayad Nsiri, Hamza ToulniImage Processing and Communications Challenges 5, pp 143-151Bydgoszczpologne2013-09-07
2492Optical fish estimation and detection in noisy environmentMohcine Boudhane, Sabah Badri-Höher, Benayad NsiriOceans - St. John'sSt. John'scanada2014-09-14
2624Identification approach for a production system using ARX model Sofia RACHAD, Hicham FOURAIJI, Bahloul BENSASSISeconde édition de la conférence internationale en management des opérations logistiques IEEE GOLrabatmorocco2014-06-05
2626Modeling a production system based on parametric identification approachSofia RACHAD, Hicham FOURAIJI, Bahloul BENSASSIThe 2nd world conference on complex systems (WCCS 2014)agadirmorocco2014-11-10
2695Benefit Analysis Weighing Bulk Traffic in Ports Multipurpose Terminal-Hasnaa Elmandili -Benayad Nsiri -Brahim Aghezzaf International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematics,Statistics and Economics (Europment)veniceitaly2014-09-23
2696Optimizing road traffic of emergency vehiclesHasnaa Elmandili -Toulni Hamza -Benayad NsiriInternational Conference on Advanced Logistics and Transport (ICALT)Soussetunisie2013-05-29
2800”Distribution optimization in a single level logistic network”Laila Kechmane, Benayad Nsiri, Azeddine BaalalMathematical Methods & Computational Techniques in Science & Engineering,AthensGreece2014-11-28
2801Mathematical optimization of a four-layer distribution networkLaila Kechmane, Benayad Nsiri, Azeddine BaalalInternational Conference on Mathematics: Pure, Applied, ComputationSurabayaIndonisia2015-12-03
3638Control synthesis for general positive 2D modelsM. BolajrafMediterranean Conference on Information & Communication Technologies’2015sadiamorocco2015-05-07
3652Numerical study of lamb mode conversions at the junction of two joined platesT. BELHOUSSINE DRISSI, B. MORVAN, P. PAREIGEInternational Symposium on Aircraft. Materials- ACMA2014MarrakechMaroc2014-04-23
8311Information systems interoperability in the case of partnership between companies within a port area[3] Mehdi Abid, Yassine Serhane, Benayad Nsiri and Abdellatif Benabdelhafid Communications, Circuits and Educational TechnologiesPragueCzech Republic2014-04-02
8324New method of multispectral image fusion: application to the segmentation of brain tumor MRI imagesNagid Salma, Nsiri Benayad and Idrissi NajlaeICMCS-IEEEtangiermorocco2012-05-10
15316Global model for increasing skills and performance of an education systemMessaoudi Najat, Naciri Khalid, Bahloul Bensassi International Congress on Education, Innovation and Learning Technologies,GranadaEspagne2015-09-23
16615On robust stability of singular uncertain Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy systems with additive time-varying delaysNoreddine CHAIBI, El Houssaine Tissir, K.Naamane, A.Douiri3rd International Symposium on Industrial Systems Monitoring, CIMSI’2016,FesMorocco2016-10-19
16624System identification approach for supply chain managementS.RACHAD, B.NSIRI, B.BENSASSI, R.MARRAKH, A.AMOUMOUThe first international conference on solar energy and materialsMarrakechMorocco2016-03-21
21970A particle swarm optimization algorithm combined with a variable neighborhood search for a location routing problem (A202)Laila kechmaneInternational conference on software and computer applicationsKuantanMalaysia2017-02-08
23218Fish Tracking Using Acoustical and Optical Data Fusion in Underwater EnvironmentMohcine Boudhane, Benayad Nsiri International Conference of Watermarking and Image Processing ICWIP’17ParisFrance2017-09-06
28390 Robust Admissibility of Uncertain Discrete-Time Switched Singular Systems with Time-Varying Delay M.Charqi, E.H.Tissir, N.Chaibi and M.OuahiModern Intelligent Systems ConferenceRabatMaroc2018-12-12
28703Demand forecasting analysis and improvement through graphical modelingAbdelmjid Aitziane, Sofia Rachad, Zineb El Idrissi Larabi, Benayad Nsiri, Bahloul Bensassi, Wafaa DachryInternational Conference on Logistics and Supply Chain Management tangerMaroc2018-04-26
28705Modeling and identification of clothing production systemZineb El Idrissi Larabi, Sofia Rachad, Abdelmjid Aitziane, Benayad Nsiri, Bahloul BensassiInternational Workshop on transportation and supply chain engineeringRabatMaroc2018-05-08

Communications nationales

2364Optimisation de la circulation routière des véhicules d’urgenceHassna Elmandili, Hamza TOULNI, Benayad NsiriWorkshop : Ingénierie des Systèmes de Transport et Logistique (WISTL2013)casablanca2013-10-26
2489“Etat de l’art des modèles du retard troposphérique”Meriem JGOUTA and Benayad NSIRIQuatrième Rencontre du Laboratoire Modélisation et Calcul Scientifique RLMC’SFes2014-11-27
2502 identification des systèmes de production avec les modèles paramétriques.H. fouraiji, S.Rachad, B.Bensassicolloque international logistiqua'14Fes2014-05-29
2519Reference model of a skills production systemAbderrahmane RHOUZALI, Mounia MIYARA, Aziz ATMANI, Benayad Mohamed ABID2ème du Congrès International du Génie Industriel et Management des systèmesFes2015-05-21
2803”Traveling salesman problem : presentation et application à un cas réel”Laila Kechmane, Benayad Nsiri, Azeddine BaalalWorkshop ISTLcasablanca2014-11-27
15314Modélisation et identification d’une chaine d’assemblage en habillement par les méthodes d’identification graphiques Zineb EL IDRISSI LARABI, Sofia RACHAD, Bahloul BENSASSI2ème édition du colloque du laboratoire « Ingénierie, Management Industriel et Innovation » LIMII’16Settat2016-05-05
16626Système de conduite et de pilotage des systèmes de production de compétencesAbderrahmane RHOUZALI, Mounia MIYARA, Aziz ATMANI, Nsiri Benayad Mohamed ABID4ème Édition des Doctoriales 2015 de Faculté de Rabatrabat2015-02-19
30762Control of singular systems with variable delay in the timeEL HAOUTI Kawtar,Benayad NSIRI, A.AMMOUMOU, Noureddine CHAIBIScientific English Day- 3 rd Editioncasablanca2018-05-10

Chapitres d'ouvrage

Intitulé chapitre
2767“A mathematical model to optimize transport cost and inventory level in a single level logistic network”Laila Kechmane, Benayad Nsiri, Azeddine BaalalComputational Problems in Science and EngineeringSpringer-Verlag2015-01-01
3026MeanShift Blob Tracking Algorithm and Graph Cuts TheoryMohcine Boudhane, Benayad NsiriImage Processing and Communications Challenges 5, Advances in Intelligent Systems and ComputingSpringer2014-01-01


Champs d'application
2358Télémaintenance d’unité de contrôle de conduite et de commande d’un réseau d’autobusBenayad NSIRI, Youssef WERZGAN,Bensassi BahloulNSécurité routière2015-11-03

Thèses en cours

Nom Prénom
Directeur de thèse
Année de première inscription
4431 ZAYRIT SoumayaTraitement de la voix  AMMOUMOU ABDELKRIM2017
439 Sofia RACHADIdentification des systèmes de production pour la régulation des flux  Bensassi Bahloul2013
4449 MOUAMMINE ZakariaModélisation et évaluation de la logistique dans le Cloud  AMMOUMOU ABDELKRIM2017
450 Hamza TOULNI Conception et développement des algorithmes les réseaux de capteur véhiculesBensassi Bahloul2013
4460 SADKI Said Modélisation et identification de processus industriels  Bensassi Bahloul2017
451 EL IDRISSI LARABI ZinebApplication des outils d’automatique et physique à la modélisation, simulation et commande des systèmes industriels  Bensassi Bahloul2013
4461 MOKHLIS Salah-eddine Mise en oeuvre des techniques d'identification des systèmes industriels  Bensassi Bahloul2017
452 Mohcine BoudhaneDetection des objets dans des sequences videosBensassi Bahloul2013
4462 El MAAROUFI Asmaa système d'information et la chaine logistique  Bensassi Bahloul2017
453 Hicham FOURAIJImodélisation, simulation, commande et supervision des systèmes logistiques  Bensassi Bahloul2013
454 Hasnaa El MandiliSujet de thèse : Suivi des objets par les approches bayésiennes .Bensassi Bahloul2013
1047 Meriem JGOUTA Amélioration de l’intégrité des signaux GNSS en aviationBensassi Bahloul2013
1048 Laila KECHMANEoptimisation des réseaux de distributionBensassi Bahloul2014
5545 Belhoumche LamyaaModélisation, simulation et commande de systèmes logistiques  Bensassi Bahloul2018
1050 Hamza TOULNI Conception et développement des algorithmes pour les réseaux de capteur véhiculesBensassi Bahloul2013
5546 Herouache ZinebCommande avancée des machines asynchrone  AMMOUMOU ABDELKRIM2018
5547 Rhouzali MohamedModélisation, systèmes d’information et logistique des objets connectés mobiles  Bensassi Bahloul2018
5548 Benayad AdnaneModélisation, simulation et optimisation de trafic routier  AMMOUMOU ABDELKRIM2018
3108 Naima AGOUZOULRéseau des capteurs sans fil  AMMOUMOU ABDELKRIM2016
5549 oumaima naceriRégulation et optimisation de la mobilité dans les villes intelligentes  Bensassi Bahloul2018
3109 Salma LAHLALISéparation de sources pour les systèmes de communications MIMO  AMMOUMOU ABDELKRIM2016
5550 Chlaihani Abir Modélisation et conception des applications en informatique décisionnelle pour amélioration des performances des systèmes logistiques  AMMOUMOU ABDELKRIM2018
3309 Najat MessaoudiModélisation et commande des processus dans une organisation  Bensassi Bahloul2013
3310 AitZiane AbdelmjidModélisation et simulation en vu de la commande et de la supervision d’une chaîne logistique.  Bensassi Bahloul2015
4428 JAMAL HamzaRéseaux de capteurs : Application à la commande et contrôle  Bensassi Bahloul2017
4429 MANDAR El mehdiSystème d’information et la logistique industrielle  Bensassi Bahloul2017
4430 ELHAOUTI KawtarLa commande des systèmes singuliers à retard variable dans le temps  AMMOUMOU ABDELKRIM2017

Thèses soutenues

Nom Prénom
Directeur de thèse
Année de première inscription
Date de soutenance
5442 Najat MESSAOUDI Modélisation, simulation et performance d’une organisation de production : cas d’un système éducatif  Bensassi Bahloul20122018-06-12
5443 Sofia RACHADIdentification d’un processus stock pour la régulation des flux  Bensassi Bahloul20122018-06-20
1046 Wafaa DACHRYArchitecture du système d’information collaboratif et application en logistique  Bensassi Bahloul20092013-12-28
5444 5. TOULNI Hamza Conception et développement des algorithmes pour réseaux de capteurs sans fil Bensassi Bahloul20122018-06-18
5445 ELMANDILI HASNAASuivi des objets par les approches bayésiennes Bensassi Bahloul20122018-07-16
5446 Laila KECHMANEOptimisation des réseaux de distributionBensassi Bahloul20132018-07-21
1923 Aziz ATMANIModélisation et simulation des systèmes de formation. Approche à la commande des systèmes de production de compétence  Bensassi Bahloul20092013-12-28
1924 Hicham SARIRDéveloppement d’une méthodologie de modélisation d’un système de production manufacturier par l’identification comportementale et par l’analogie électrique  Bensassi Bahloul20102014-07-23
4200 Boudhane MohcineDétection et suivi des objets pour la reconnaissance des espèces de poissonBensassi Bahloul20122017-11-17

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